Hi & Welcome

Where to start, where to start?…. I’m Ellie, a child of the 90’s, well very early 90’s but I’m claiming that one for all the members of the ‘Leavers of 94’ crew ah!

I live in a beautiful part of the world where if the wind powered the internet connection we’d have idyllic perfection, the Northumbrian Coast if your curious. My insain tribe comprises of my best friend, my Husband, my lifesaver.  Our fantastic, kind, intelligent nine year old who burst in to our lives when we didn’t know just how much we needed him.

That’s the ‘humins’ accounted for, we also have three fur babies who are, honestly, dicks! Two Ginger Toms and a Yorkshire Terrier who really could do with loosing his bark for a day. I run my photography business part time but also have a vanity project going on at the moment that comprises of me vegging out in my little craft room and ‘knocking out’ a plethora of crafted wedding fancies, the blend works really well for me. Well, I’m catching up on dribble TV and I’m starting to get distracted so I’ll take myself away for now, but, I will be back! 

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