Rock that frock then trash it!

Wedding dress shop showing a selection of dresses

Here in the UK wedding dress prices can range anywhere from £50 up to a whopping £10,000 so many brides might want to consider what to do with their gown after the big day. Some may choose to resell, others may decide to have their dress made in to christening gowns and keepsakes, where as others decide to don that frock one more time for a set of alternative wedding photos that blow your socks off. A chance to get those magazine type images that you would never dream of attempting on your big day with your wedding photographer.

Las Vegas Wedding photographer, John Michael Cooper came up with the crazy, sassy idea of what we now call ‘Trash the dress’ shoots after watching an episode of Sunset Beach where Meg Cummings, wearing her wedding finery and hoyed herself in to the ocean when her wedding didn’t go to plan, so from that little acorn, sprouted the wacky, vibrant, sexy Oak of a tree that has become a fast growing craze all over the globe.

Couple in a lake in wedding outfits
Courtesy of Gold Coast Studios

So, the inks dry on the marriage certificate, the honeymoon tan lines are fading and every time you open your wardrobe that frock bag is screaming “Get me to the cleaners!!!!”

Get that dress trashed.
Here’s a few themes to get you in the mood.

From that little acorn, sprouted the wacky, vibrant, sexy Oak of a tree that has become a fast growing craze all over the globe.

A splash of colour

Bride in paint stained dress
Courtesy of photographerphiladelphia.com

Take the new Hubs off out in to the woods for an afternoon paintball sesh and act out your favourite Tomb Raider scene. Or easier still, head off to a nice open space with a couple of powder paint cannons, like the ones used for charity colour runs and go to town!

Mud Slingers

Couple splashing in the river
Courtesy of davesphotoworld.com

Never mind what the weathers doing, get those Wellie boots, head off to your local beauty spot and splash like a five year old after a share bag of Haribo’s, go wild, after all, if it’s good enough for Peppa..

Bride and Horse
Courtesy of davesphotoworld.com

Animal Magic

Bride walking her dog in a lake
Courtesy of The dailymail.co.uk

Venue won’t allow your fur baby to be part of your ceremony? No time to get pictures with your animals on the day? Why not don your Wedding dress and boots and head off to the stables for a beautiful set of memories with your special pets.

The only question to ask now is…… Are you brave enough? 

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