What a year!

2019 marked the year I made the slow but steady progression from part time, semi hobbyist photographer, to full time, trying to earn a living wage, working hard to build a good reputation photographer. It’s been an enjoyable but very hard journey so far, one which will require much, much more hard work in the coming year but, I’m totally ready for it and can’t wait to work my socks off in 2020.

I want to say a massive thank you to my friends and family who have supported me, booked shoots with me, shared my work, left me some amazing comments, recommended me to your fellow friends and family, you really are the ones who have helped to push me through the year. I’ve met some fantastic people, lovely families and great kids these last few months and captured some amazing pictures. So thank you, clients new and old,for every single Like, comment, share, word of encouragement. Thank you and Happy New Year.

I’ll just leave a few of my favourite 2019 images here 😉

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